Saturday, September 10, 2016

EVANGELION Mobile Games Short Preview

So there will be an Evangelion game for Mobile games . . . . . . . So here's what I can see from the videos. The first one, is kinda cool, a 3D fighting style. I kinda like to see that but kinda pray for my iPhone 5 is really, REALLY, broken to the core ;D The 3D graphic is nice to see and it's not broken at the least. Really nice.

The second one is more like . . . Super Robot Taisen. I'm kinda suprised but yet again, kinda like it too. The battle is not like the fist one, but it have own style to it. And seeing as SD form is exciting too.

And here's something that I kinda puzzle for it. The one who make the game is not from Japan. From the kanji that I see (I can read Japanese Kanji but not that much), it's not Japanese kanji, but more into Chinese kanji. Yes, Evangelion has very, VERY, confusing Kanji and all, but when I watched the menu screen, mostly no Japanese language in there were seen in the menu. Almost all Chinese. Well, I can;t be so sure so we just have to wait for a little longer although the site that they give are mostly Chinese language. Anyway, here's the video.

PS: Second one is from Taiwanese, the first one is still unknown.

00:00 Game 1 - 新世紀福音戰士Online -

01:43 Game 2 - 新世紀福音戰士‧適格者 -

Monday, September 5, 2016

Foods at Padang

The foods at Padang is DELICIOUS! The spices, the curries, the friends, really make my stomach very happy (and starting to avoid the Restaurant Padang at Jakarta ;D) I cannot express how delicious it is. Even my stomach is now growling again when I editing the video for this ;D Here's are the some foods that I eat when I went to Padang!

00:41 : Soto Paru. Soto (also known as sroto, tauto, or coto) is a traditional Indonesian soup mainly composed of broth, meat and vegetables. Many traditional soups are called soto, whereas foreign and Western influenced soups are called sop. While Paru is lung. So it called Sop Lung Water Buffalo.

01:47 : Sala means Fried, so Sala Lauak is a fried dish that shaped like a blob of thumb that are made from fish meat dough that were mashed and mixed with flour. While the others are fried only. Although what I eating is fried crab, can you spot the Sala Lauak?

03:22 : At last, the Padang Foods! Some wikis explanation on the Padang Foods

04:51 : One of the Hotel Breakfast, Traditional Lontong Sayur (Vegetables Lontong(Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf,[1] commonly found in Indonesia; also in Malaysia and Singapore.)) and Friend Noodles with peanuts sauce.

05:51 : Itiak Lado Mudo means Green Chili young duck curry is a must at Bukittinggi as they are local dishes!

06:08 : Again, Padang Foods. But this times specific on Ayam Pop (Padang style chicken, boiled/steamed and later fried. While fried chicken is golden brown, ayam pop is light-colored) and Grilled Fish.

07:22 : Sate Padang is a padang style satay, skewered barbecued meat (Either Cow meat or Water Buffalo meat) with thick yellow sauce.

08:11 : Wedding day foods. One of the catering are from Padang Foods Restaurant and they are specialist on Fried Paru at 08:14. Also the Soto is not from the catering but from the host house itself 08:23.

08:33 : Again, Padang Foods but with a specific for Shrimps as it big like hand size!

09:36 : Forgot the name but it's kinda like Sea Snails dip in with curry sauce. Delicious! Accompany with Coconut drink!

10:32 : The restaurant that serve Ice Cream and Mix Fruit Shaved Ice with Durian pour on it. But because I can't eat Durian let alone the smells, I just drink some Tamarillo Juice.

11:51 : And the last is Martabak Mesir and some Fried Rice! Murtabak or martabak, also mutabbaq (Arabic: مطبق‎‎) (Thai: มะตะบะ), is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Tihamah and the Hejaz regions), Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. Depending on the location, the name and ingredients can significantly vary. The name mutabbaq (or sometimes mutabbag) in Arabic means "folded". So Martabak Mesir mean Martabk from Egypt cause at that time, many Egypt people came to Indonesia so this food was introduce to us.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

4th day, Bye Padang.

Last day at Padang. Really love the place, really love the view, really love the foods.

Next time, I will see the beauty of the Padang. Next time.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dragon Nest . . . . in mobile?

I once play this game because my friends also playing the game at that time. But because there's a little something happens (The cash shop), I stop the games completely. A little bit story about this game. It's  an full action free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that developed by Eyedentity. It use non-targeting combat system that ensuring the players have total control over the character movements.

So why I put this game on? That's because it will become mobile. Yep, it will be smartphone, handheld games. And I just found out today at Youtube, funny huh?  And at ChinaJoy 2016, it's already playable. Korean Stuidos Eyedentity (now owne by Shanda source-) said that they want to tries to be similat to the PC version as possible in terms of Dungeons and Combats. And other features like guilds, costumes, and many more will be added to the games. The launch schedule is currently not announced but from what I saw in the video, I can be sure that the game looks promising. And hope that they will make SEA or International ver. of it.

Longriders. Cycling with fun and picnic

I love this manga, I read like 10th times a week. Maybe I love bicycle that I love to read it. And not only that, this manga is more like having fun and of course, slice-of-life of eating. And when I heard that it will be made into anime, I was scream with excitement. I fan of this manga and I am ready to watch this anime!

So, a little bit story about Longriders. Ami, a 1st years college student, fall in love with a folded bike in first sight when someone riding it and decided to buy one. Her childhood friend, Aoi, a little bit startled with Ami decisions that want to buy a folded bicycle. But she then help her to choose what bicycle that compatible with Ami. But as they browse in one of the shops, Ami surprise that the price is more expensive than what Ami have from her Part Time Jobs. Dejected, she wonder along with Aoi to find another shops, and found a folded bicycle with reasonable price. Next day. Ami and Aoi then going cycling in nearby park, only to have Ami almost fainted because she forgot to have a breakfast. A passerby cyclist then help her by giving her a protein foods, only to found out later day that they are the same University student tha Ami and Aoi go together. They are Hinako and Yayoi. And from that point, they having a fun adventure together with Ami whining alot.

So here's what I love about this manga. This manga is really relaxing. And I mean very relaxing. The theme of the manga is about people doing cycling to do fun and enjoying the scenery while doing it, and also visiting place to eat. And yes, this manga really does that all. The manga offer us the beauty of the town that Ami and friends pass by. And not only that, the mangaka also do a great job with the scenery. Both the beauty of the town and scenery really made well in the manga.

The foods also look delicious. This manga is about eating also, so definitely there will be foods in the manga. Each the food that mangaka draw really represent the place that Ami visit and also, looks delicious like the real one. Also, the store that foods represented have unique place. Like one of store that located at the highest point of the national highway. The store are divided by a border between Gunma prefecture and Nagano prefecture which make it unique and really interesting to watch.

The character Ami, while always whining alot across the manga, growth steady along to the story. And the whining is not annoying though, is more into cute whining, and reasonable too. Like when she have to hike the hill with her folded bike, of course it will be very hard to do that. And when she realized that she already do cycling to 55 km, she feels happy, but only with a muscle ache after the cycling. But the growth that Ami presented to the reader is really visible in my point of view. Like when she first ride her first folded bike and then in few chapters, she ride a roadbike. She eventually gonna change the bike and the manga is doing that. And with all that, her satisfied face is also the factor why this manga is very refreshing

So, is the manga is worthed to read, yes if you like slice-of-life. If the anime will be worth to watch? YES! The anime will be aired at October 08th 2016 at AT-X, TOKYO MS, KBS Kyoto, BS11, and Sun TV. And that's it folks! I'm gonna set my timer and watch it stream at C ya all in the next manga and anime review!

Main Site:

『STARLY GIRLS -Episode Starsia-』(スターリーガールズ) 1St Trailer

So, I just reserved this game on Yoyaku top-10 as you can see in this down below pic and I just suprise that Kadokawa the one who publish it. What more suprising, is the Aeria games who made it. I do know Aeria games always made online games, but this one is the first for me.

So a little bit story about this game. In Starly Girls, we the player became the captain of warships called Asterism and with Star Girls or "Hoshi Musume" that operate unique mecha known as G Gears, and fight against fate to take back the shine of the stars.

This game will be exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2016 from 15 to 18 September. And we have to wait for the release date of this game while I have to crossfinger if my iphone 5 can do the job or not.

Let's play: Comet on Alnadia

Comet on Alnadia that made by Criware for Aiming smartphone games is a 2D RPG that made for ios and android smartphone. It's have CG element on it and in-game animations during the scenario part of the game. And also, it's a massive hack and slash elements and a fast RPG game according to Aiming. But is it true? Let's found out if what Aiming said is true or not.

Comet on Alnadia, as I write before, is an 2D RPG that using a CG element on the games. ANd of course because Criware is the one who made the game so we can expected a smooth CG moving. And no doubt, it is a smooth as I expected. So it's really not betraying my expectation.

The game is of course, a hack and slash type. And I have to take back my words on Saint Seiya, all game is the same with the attacking pattern so no monotone or anything. But for some reason, this game is not very bored than Saint Seiya. Maybe because the fast attack and how the CG animation really helped the battle progress so I didn't feel dull or something. It is a click touch skill only and it is satisfying for the game with this type of style. Especially with the effect and all.

The hero upgrade and the hero skill are also the same. You put the item on the character and then when they are completed, you fuse them and you get the status upgrade. You can get the item from the quest drop depends on the location and difficulty. For the hero skill, depending on your level, you can upgrade the skill with the limit of 10. Also, you can level up your character using the item that you get from daily or quest drop. (Mainstream alot?)

I will not explain how the gacha works because all the gacha is the same. But if you want to upgrade the character, you can go to the specific quest to get what you want. And of course, almost all RPG style is like this though. So it's kinda mainstream trhoughout the RPG style of smartphone gaming. Of course, not all RPG gaming are like this.

The battle system, like I write, is fast hack and slash. The animation on the CG is smooth as the battle progress. And somehow, not very boring. Which is good. And it's also a one click skill button so you don't have to be busy with the attack and all. You all just have to focus on leveling click skill button. Although the gameplay is like that, it's not very boring to watch it. Also, the BGM is catchy and make it not very boring. One of the battle BGM is kinda like Marching BGM so for some reason it make me want to play.

Is it addicted game to play? Well, at the least you want to play it, but not that crazy on it. The game is playful to play, the BGM is catchy, the control is not hard, so it's easy to say that this game is playable. But to make a play like other games that make people want to spend time on it is maybe not that much. You may play it casually, but that's it. This game is available on ios and android